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Powder Coating & Electrostatic Painting

Conveyorized, electrostatic powder coating line with MS (by Carlisle Industries) electrostatic spray equipment for durable, uniform finishes. We provide electrostatic powder coating to induce resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Our conveyorized, electrostatic powder coating line features an Amiberica 3 stage washer and MS spray equipment. The line also has an Amiberica infrared/convection oven to cure powder-coated parts in minimum time.

Stirrup Metal Products provides coatings with enameled, wrinkled, rough or matte finishes. All of our coating materials conform to EPA standards. Prior to powder coating, all parts are cleaned in our Amiberica 3 stage washer to allow for uniform finishes and enhanced powder adhesion. Powder colors are available in stock as well as custom colors.

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