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CNC Press Work and Forming for Metal Stampings and Stamping Assemblies

Sitrrup Metal Products is equipped with 7 CNC turret punch presses that produce precision parts to customer specifications. All equipped with auto index stations and punching forces from 20 to 50 tons. These machines (Amada, Prima Power and Euromac) are capable of working with all metals up to .312 thick. Heavier materials are cut on 1 of 4 lasers ranging from 2500 to 4000 watts. Tight tolerances (+/- .005 for example) are achieved precise programming.


Parts that are formed are done so using our extensive line of press brakes ranging from 4’ to 14’ in length and up to 240 tons in bending pressure. Our brakes are capable of holding the closest tolerances and angles required by our customers.

With innovative tooling designs, our CNC machines provide burr-free, complex forming, high speed contouring, and marking operations. Our CNC turret presses are ideal for machining components with many perforations or that require multiple punches. Stampings in round, square, oval or rectangular shapes can be produced through our deep drawing techniques.

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